Friday, 2 January 2009

The top 10 technologies and tools . . .

I can agree with a few of the technologies listed by James Clay, who is in charge of Virtual Learning Environments, particularly in the use of learning technologies, e-learning, the libraries, digital and online resources and the strategic direction of the Gloucestershire College in the UK. Check it out at:

I think the iPod Touch and iPhone are marvellous inventions! I love the iPod nanos as well!

Next, view his top ten tools for 2008:

I am personally starting to like Twitter. You get to stay connected with friends, colleagues and family, or as they say, to stay in the loop...but you've got to have others (who matter) linked to yours to reap the benefits. So once you've started, follow others so that they can also follow you. Catch my twittering at I started experimenting about a month ago and yet to find but still looking for friends who are also twittering.

Google Docs and Flickr are my favourites as well. Must next try Shozu.

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