Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Will schools become obsolete?

For someone who once predicted that the Internet will not stay, Bill Gates predicts that in five years time, you will find the best lectures online for free and that e-books will dominate over traditional printed books. With the increasing popularity of online distance learning programmes and new universities such as University of the People , a tuition-free online university, Gates' predictions are likely to come true. And, now with the proliferation of tablet computing devices and smart phones, it will only be natural that learners will adopt learning on the go, aka mobile learning.

View part of his talk at a recent technology conference.

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HueyZher said...

The possibility cannot be ignored but school should not become obsolete. Based on my experience,technology fills in the gap/hole in the teaching and learning.But human contact is still needed. Face to face interaction still have an impact in teaching and learning. Some of students do not adopt well online while some can't be read online. Currently, I can say by seeing my students offline and online, I am able to know them thoroughly.