Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ten most viewed articles in January 2009

The ten most viewed articles from the Education and Information Technology Digital Library (EdITLib) at are:

1. Issues in Distance Learning

2. Technology, Transfer and Teaching: The Impact of a Single Technology Course on Preservice Teachers' Computer Attitudes and Ability

3. Are Pretty Interfaces Worth the Time? The Effects of User Interface Types on Web-Based Instruction

4. Conditions, Processes and Consequences of 1:1 Computing in K-12 Classrooms: The Impact on Teaching Practices and Student Achievement

5. Generative Learning Strategies and Metacognitive Feedback to Facilitate comprehension of Complex Science Topics and Self-Regulation

6. Correlating college students' learning styles and how they use Web 2.0 applications for Learning

7. Online Learning and Quality Assurance

8. Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of a Blended Learning Approach for ICT Teacher Training

9. Developing Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Preservice Teachers Through Microteaching Lesson Study

10. A Case Study of Design-Based Research for Creating a Vision Prototype of a Technology-Based Innovative Learning Environment

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