Thursday, 23 September 2010

Exploring the iPad

I met a lady lecturer from KSA today who was happily using an iPad. She's leading her university's e-learning initiatives and I would think, that out of curiousity, and the natural interest within her, got the iPad to use as a personal productivity tool.

I personally think the iPad is one cool technology. Having toyed with it for almost a month now, I must say it has the potential to be an excellent learning companion. If only, it was more versatile; able to do what one typically does on a notebook PC alongside all the other iPad applications. I find the iPad somewhat limiting...not that great a devicejavascript:void(0) for word processing or to create a set of presentation slides. However, it is an excellent device to view files such as videos, documents or slides. It's a wonderful tool for email, surfing and all things that you normally do online. It's a great book reader as well, especially, if we don't want to carry that many books with us.

Nevertheless, here is an interesting set of slides that explores the iPad in terms of technical details, if only to get a good overview of what the iPad offers the user.

View and see if the iPad has some or a lot of potential for the classroom.

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