Sunday, 3 May 2009

Twitter set to grow among Malaysians

Since I first joined twitter more than eight or nine months ago, I have introduced Twitter to many Malaysians through my presentations in conferences, meetings, etc. I can recall only two friends, colleagues or acquaintances who are already on Twitter. Two others I know are politicians (the Malaysian PM and ex-Deputy PM). In short, Twitter is almost unknown. Facebook, Friendster and MySpace have a much larger following.

The other friends, colleagues and acquaintances have facebook accounts or netvibes and never heard of Twitter. Today, however, the Sunday Star papers highlighted Twitter. Read it at I expect more Malaysians will now be twittering.

Personally, I love Twitter! As a microblogging tool, I can quickly update, provide useful links for other twitterers and learn from those with the same interests as mine. You can use it as a learning tool, teaching tool and marketing tool.

You can also set it as a community tool by activating the Twibes feature. For example, about an hour ago, I set up a twibe on mlearning at: If it works, we will see people with a common interest on mobile learning join as members of the "twibe." That'll be one quick way to see what others are doing with mlearning and to get ideas and opinions from each other. Of course, I'm not sure how many will follow.....although 4 have joined since the last one hour. More members will mean better interactions and more meaningful learning will occur.

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