Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Technology and Socially-based Learning

George Siemens was excellent when he spoke to a bunch of academics at UCSI in Kuala Lumpur yesterday! Based at the University of Manitoba, he was in KL for just a few hours to deliver an impactful session.

He spoke on the connected learner, net pedagogy, in what way is learning networked, learning as a network phenomenon (+knowledge and +experience of learning), how we have collaborative ties (e.g. through email, Twitter and Second Life), how learning must be the development of a person and of course, how technology is now enabling the latter (in contrast to the massification of education through a pre-set curriculum, prescribed textbooks, same mode of assessment) and so on.

He also talked about power shifts, power play and participatory pedagogy. Also, about open learn and so on. More important, he's very realistic in the context of today's world and believes in providing the learner with a blended mode of learning!

If you get a chance to listen to him in person in the future, I'd urge you to do so. He was just fantastic for any serious educator who wish to make a difference to learning today!

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